FonePaw MacMaster has been rebranded as Macube Cleaner. Both of them share the same features and the registered code can be used for the two software. One-Year Plan users can contact us to unsubscribe the program if they don't need it anymore.

MacMaster: Clean Up Your Mac

Keep Your Mac Always in New Status

MacMaster, created by FonePaw, never stop optimizing the feature to improve users' experience so that everyone can become a real master of the Mac computer. With it, revive your Mac anytime.

  • System Junk

    System Junk

    Scan the system cache and remove them to free up space.

  • Photo Cache

    Photo Cache

    Delete the caches and free up your photo library Mac.

  • Mail Trash

    Mail Trash

    Remove the mail in junks and attachments from your Mail app.

  • Trash Bin

    Trash Bin

    Permanently get the items in the trash bin out of your Mac.

  • iTunes Junk

    iTunes Junk

    Clean up the unneeded iTunes backups, caches, and more.

  • Duplicate Finder

    Duplicate Finder

    Locate the repeated music, images, videos and get them removed.

  • Similar Images Finder

    Similar Images Finder

    Find out the similar photos on Mac according to the similarity.

  • Large & Old File

    Large & Old File

    Clear the files with large size and unused in a long time.

  • Uninstaller


    Completely remove the apps and the caches from the computer.

  • Privacy


    Protect your privacy with clearing browser's caches and history.

  • Extension


    Manage the plugins to improve your Mac performance.

  • Eraser


    Shred the unwanted files and folders and they cannot be recovered.

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    FonePaw MacMaster is designed for MAC memory optimization and disk cleanup. It can scan out system files that are safe to delete in your Mac and allows you to select and delete unwanted files. Then you can just click to get rid of the junk files and old files.

  • Techniblogic


    The FonePaw software allows you to easily free up much space on Mac and then your Mac will back to prime time. You don't have to clean up the old or junk files that are stored in different folders manually. Only several simple clicks and you can get the job done!

  • MustTech News

    MustTech News

    Is your Mac full of junk files? Do you want a good cleaning software? Well for all these questions wr have an anwser. MacMaster utility software from FonePaw is the one you are looking for.


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System requirements macOS 10.10+

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1. Downloaded over 100,000 times

2. Compatible with iMac, Macbook Air/Pro/Mini

3. Support 5 Popular Language