Summary: It's important to look up what is taking up space on your Mac and clean the junk files regularly. By doing so, you can make sure there is enough space for your new files, videos, and pictures.

It's necessary to check what is taking up so much space on your Mac when your Mac leaves no room for new music, pictures, videos and how to free the space for the new files.

Methods in this post will tell you how to check and clean up disk space on Mac so that you don't need to buy a new hard drive or delete too many files.

Check & Clear Disk Space on Mac

MacMaster is a software that tells the capacity of your Mac on System Status, including how much space left in your disk, memory, and CPU. Besides, it helps you scan your computer, finding out what kinds of files occupy your disk space and then clear the junk files in one click.

Mac Version Download

The steps are as easy as a pie:

Step 1Install and launch MacMaster on your Mac. You can check System Status and other features like System Junk, Photo Cache, Mail Trash, Trash Bin... on the left side menu bar.

MacMaster Homepage

Step 2Here we take the system junk as an example. Select system junk and click Scan to preview the files. Click Rescan to scan it again.

Check System Junk

Step 3Tick the unneeded files and click Clean.

Step 4 When the junk files are cleared, the screen will appear "Cleanup Completed" and the size of the files you've deleted. You can clean 500MB for free at first.

See How Much Storage Is Left on Finder

Finder is also a good choice to check the memory on Mac. It's quite convenient to preview the capacity without opening it. Here are the tutorials:

Step 1Click Finder on Dock on your Mac.

Step 2On the Finder window, select the disk you need to check and press the Space bar on your keyboard. It will pop out a window showing the capacity and available space of your Mac.

Check Storage in Finder

Step 3To close the window, press the Space bar again.

View Storage on Mac from Disk Utility

In addition to MacMaster and Finder, you can check disk space on Mac from Disk Utility as well. It shows more detailed information to you like "Used", "Free" and "Other Volumes".

MacMaster Disk Utility

Besides, you can look up the storage of your removable disk as well.


Go to Spotlight by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Search "Disk Utility" and press enter.

Check What's Taking up Space on Mac from About This Mac

Finder and Disk Utility only shows you how much space left, however, if you want to know what specific files take up your disk space, such as programs, pictures, videos or system files, go to "About this Mac".

Disk Utility on Mac


Go to Spotlight by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Search "About this Mac" and press enter. Select "Storage" at the top menu bar and view the available space.

All in all, Finder, Disk Utility and About this Mac can tell how much space on Mac and what is taking up space on your hard drive.

However, it would be slow to locate and clear those unneeded files manually. Thus, MacMaster is a good helper for you.

It not only looks up disk space for you but also clear those junk files in one click, saving your time and efforts. If you are still finding how to clear disk on Mac, why not download and have a try?