Summary: Even though Macs are safer than Windows PCs, it doesn't mean that they are totally immune from malware. The article illustrates the reasons why Macs will get infected with the virus and the ways to check and remove viruses on Mac.

When you bought a brand-new MacBook and felt safe that your computer would not be attacked by a virus, you are so wrong. People sometimes underestimate the risk of getting viruses on Macs. Even though Macs are safer than Windows, there is still a chance that hackers attack your Mac.

Malware On Mac

Therefore, you should take preventive measures right now. After reading this post, you will learn the reasons why Macs will be infected and how to check and remove the virus.

Before we start, install MacMaster to protect your Mac computers.

Mac Version Download

It is a professional virus scanner and remover for Mac. In addition to checking and removing the infected applications on your Mac, it also cleans up the junk, large files, leftover/unwanted data, bringing more space to your Mac.

Why Macs Get Viruses

The answer to the question "Can Macs get viruses?"  is yes. It is mainly caused by the following reasons:

Phishing email

Sometimes you may receive phishing emails with attachments. If you click it and follow the link, it will install the malware automatically.

Fake apps and updates

You may accidentally install fake apps when you are surfing. For example, an app says it is a free Flash Player, but when you download it, you will find it is another pirated software.

Fake virus infection warnings

When you see a warning pops up saying your system is infected with viruses, it is actually a hoax. But many of us don't know and click on it.

How to Check for Virus on Mac

Usually, when your Mac is infected with the virus, it may appear the following symptoms:

  • Advertising pop-ups show up every time when you are browsing the internet.

  • Your computer runs slow, crashes now and then, or keeps heating up.

  • Apps that you don't know are installed.

Besides, you should pay more attention to the apps that advise you to fix "infected Mac".

Also, pirated apps that are installed from an unknown website are more likely to be junk software. You can check for it manually in two ways:

Method 1

In your Mac, click Go > Applications or use the shortcut Shift + Command + A.

Go Application On Mac

Check for the list and delete the unknown or suspicious software > Clean up the trash.

Empty Trash

Method 2

Go to Safari > Preferences. Correct the homepage URL.

Safari Correct Homepage URL

Then go to the Extensions tab to check and uninstall the plugins that you don't know. It could spy on your browsing history and private data.

Safari Uninstall Extensions

How to Get Rid of Virus on Mac

To prevent your Mac from being attacked by viruses and hackers, you can take measures below:

Apple Security Mechanisms

Apple takes a lot of security solutions to keep your Mac safe. Apps that installed through the App Store are totally safe to use. Besides, when you are searching for something in Safari, the built-in Mac browser, it can detect websites that contain malware.

App Store Logo Mac


If you already have installed malware by accident or you notice that there is something wrong with your Mac, use MacMaster to scan and clean up the unknown junk files, malware, and anything that slows down your Mac.

MacMaster Logo

It can be used to free up space, check and remove the useless applications or files, and wipe the cache of the apps. The steps are simple, and you can clean your Mac with it now and then.

Step 1 Download and enable MacMaster

Mac Version Download

Step 2 Scan the data

Master Scan will scan for the general cache, email attachments, and trash on your Mac. You also can select the file types that you want to scan like large & old files or duplicate files. Click Master Scan to begin scanning.

MacMaster Homepage

Click on Toolkit and you can clean up the unwanted files, similar images, and manage the extensions safely.

Macmaster Toolkit

Step 3 Clean up the infected files 

After the scanning, the screen will show the detailed results. Select the unwanted files and click on the Clean button.

Master Scan Clean

Step 4 Finish the cleaning

Within several minutes, the needless files will be removed, and it will inform you of the size of the file that has been cleaned.

Clean Result

It is necessary to scan and remove the old, large, and strange files and cache on your Mac to make your computer runs smoothly.

Anti-virus Software

Except for the protection of Apple, you can use the anti-virus software as a component. It will prevent you from advertising trackers.

Antivirus Mac

In all, the security of Mac all comes down to you. No matter how strong the anti-virus mechanisms are, you still need to be careful with links in the messages and emails. Besides, cleaning up your Mac with MacMaster can keep it in good status.