Summary: Sometimes you can't delete an app from Finder or Launchpad because you do not close it completely or it does not show up in Finder. Wondering how to solve the problem? Read on to know more.

When you try to delete an app from Finder > Applications, you may receive a prompt says you can't delete it because it's open. But the app is not open, you can't even open it if you try. Or when you want to remove an installer from launchpad but it doesn't appear in "Applications" in the Finder. You can't right-click the icon nor can you drag or drop it into the trash.

Cannot Delete Files on Mac

How to delete an app if you come across the same situations? Keep reading and find out the solutions

An App Won't Delete Because It is Still Open? Check These Solutions

Can't Remove Apps from Launchpad? Check These Solutions

An App Won't Delete Because It is Still Open? Check These Solutions

Close the app before deleting

If you receive a prompt pop out that says you can't delete it because it's open, but you think it's already closed, then try to close it in Activity Monitor. 

Step 1Type "Activity Monitor" in Spotlight.

Step 2When you enter "Activity Monitor", search for the app's name you are going to delete.

Step 3Select the app and click the "X" icon in the upper left corner.

Activity Monitor

Step 4Click "Quick" to confirm.

Remove the app with FonePaw MacMaster

However, if you can't find the app in Activity Monitor nor can you delete it, try FonePaw MacMaster. It's a program that not only deletes the unwanted app from Mac but also helps you scan out and remove related installation package and residual data.

Besides, it's so powerful that it can scan and clean system junk, photo cache, mail trash, trash bin, iTunes junk, duplicate finder, and so on. The steps are simple:

Step 1Download and install FonePaw MacMaster.

Mac Version Download

Step 2Launch MacMacmaster and click "Uninstaller" on the left-side bar. It scans apps on your Mac automatically.

Unistaller Homepage

Step 3Tick the app you want to uninstall on the right panel and click "Clean".

Select File in Unistaller

Now the app will be removed in one click within minutes.


Can't Remove Apps from Launchpad? Check These Solutions

Launchpad is a special mode in Mac. It displays applications from the Applications folder as a grid. In this way, you can view the programs on your Mac clearly and intuitively. 

Besides, you can organize your app in a convenient order and run the app quickly. But when you try to remove the useless installer from Launchpad, it does not show up in the Finder and you are unable to delete it by right-clicking or dragging it to the Trash. 

What should you do when you have a similar problem? Try the following methods. 

Remove apps from Launchpad with Alt key

Press "Alt" on your keyboard. You will see the "X" sign on each of the app's icon. Click it to remove the icon from Launchpad. 


Remove apps from Launchpad by long press

Another simple way is to long-press the icon. You will see the "X" icon again. Click and confirm the deletion. If the two ways above don't work for you, move on to the third one. 

Drag apps from Launchpad to Dock

Step 1Start your app from Launchpad.

Step 2Right-click your app in the Dock.

Step 3Choose "Options">"Show in Finder".

Now you can delete it from Finder.

Mac Dock Show in Finder

Delete apps along with app data

Last but not least, if you can't uninstall the app after using the three ways, or you want to delete the app and app data altogether, MacMaster must be your best choice.

It will remove the app and caches completely from your Mac.

In conclusion, the detailed instructions we mentioned above must be useful to delete apps that won't delete from Finder and Launchpad. Especially with the help of MacMaster, you can delete the apps as well as caches, junk files, large&old files, etc. from Mac, which makes room for your new data.