Summary: Follow this guide to clean all Chrome history on your Mac, including browsing history, autofill information, search history, dowloading history and more.

There might be several reasons why you need to delete Chrome history on your Mac. To free up the storage space can be one of them. If you haven't cleared the browsing history on Chrome for a period of time, the data would take up the storage space, which will probably slow down the Chrome browser or cause the browser to act weird.

However, the privacy issue should be the most important reason why you want to delete Chrome history on Mac. Regularly cleaning up the Chrome history can help keep your privacy secure, especially if you share the computer with your friends or working partners.

Here we'd like to recommend FonePaw MacMaster to you for deleting Google history on Mac. Of course, not only Google Chrome history, but also the history of Safari, Firefox can be cleaned up with this professional Mac cleaner.

What's Included in Chrome History?

To erase all traces of Chrome history on your Mac, you can't just go to chrome://history/ and delete the items you want to remove from your history. There are more browsing data you should delete to thoroughly clean up Google Chrome.

How to Delete Chrome History

Here are all contents that are included in Google Chrome history.

Visit History – the web pages you've viewed before except for those that you visit in the Private Mode. 

Search History – the information/words you've entered in the Google Chrome search box before. 

Login History – the accounts information you've ever logged in at the web pages, such as surnames, passwords. 

Downloaded Files/History – everything you've downloaded through the Google Chrome. It could be a picture, an MP3 file, a video or a document. (Remind you that before you clear the downloaded files, you'd better make a backup of them.) 

Cookies – files that store the web pages' information, such as the last time you visited them. 

FonePaw MacMaster can help you clean all items included in Google browser history, as well as other browsers. With MacMaster, you can choose to either delete all the Google browsing history and just clean up some parts of them.

Why Should You Clear Chrome History with FonePaw MacMaster?

Though you can manually clear browser history of Chrome on Mac, MacMaster can simplify the process and help you clean more. The cleaner can scan Google Chrome on your Mac automatically and completely, sorting out all the browser data by categories. And which item(s) to remove is up to you.

If you want to delete several browsers' history on your Mac, MacMaster allows you to remove them all in just one click, which means you don't need to open the browsers and clear them one by one.

In addition to clearing browser history, FonePaw MacMaster also offers other useful features to give your Mac a whole new look, such as completely uninstall Google Chrome from your macOS Catalina/Mojave/High Sierra, clear caches of browser caches, delete duplicate files, erase logs and more.

Clean Browsing Data on Mac

How to Delete Google History with FonePaw MacMaster?

Follow the simple 3 steps below to clear the Google history on your Mac with FonePaw MacMaster:

Step 1: Get the Cleaner Ready

1Download and install FonePaw MacMaster from the official website.

Free Download

Step 2: Scan Google Chrome

1Launch the application and click on "Privacy" at the left sidebar. And then click "Scan" to activate it to scan the browser data on your Mac.

Scan Chrome History

Step 3: Select Google History and Clean it up

1After scanning, all the browsing data in every browser on your Mac will be presented. Choose Chrome to view its browser history.

2You can see the browser data is sorted out by several categories. Select All or tick the items you want to erase. Then hit the "Clean" button to delete the Google history from your Mac.

Delete Chrome History

Hope this post gives you more ideas about cleaning Chrome history on Mac. If you think FonePaw MacMaster helps a lot in deleting Google Chrome history on Mac, please share it with your friends and family!