Summary: Log files are safe to delete. You can delete log files on Mac in 2 ways: delete them from Finder or use a cleaning utility - FonePaw MacMaster.

Log files are mainly records of app crashes or errors on Mac. They are usually useless to average users, except that sometimes a user need to sumbit log files of an app to developers for debugging.

Log files are safe to be deleted. And deleting log files for apps like Terminal can even speed up the apps. You have two ways to delete log files on Mac: delete files from the log folder or delete logs with MacMaster.

Clear log files from Finder

Log files are saved in ~/Library/Logs folder. You can naviagte to the folder and delete the files inside the folder.

Step 1Open Finder.

Step 2Click Go menu and select Go to Folder.

Step 3Type ~/Library/Logs and hit enter.

Go to Logs Folder

Step 4This will open the Logs folder.

Step 5You are recommended to make a copy of the files in the Logs folder on somewhere in case that something may go wrong after deleting.

Step 6Select all files in the Logs folder and move them to Trash.

Step 7Empty the Trash and restart your Mac.

Delete Logs on Mac


You are supposed to delete files inside the folders, not the folder itself. For example, instead of deleting the folder of Handoff, you should go into the folder and delete log files inside the Handoff folder.

If there is nothing wrong with your Mac after deleting the log files, you may delete the copy of log files that you made.

The method above only delete use logs on your Mac, if you would like to delete system logs on Mac as well, use MacMaster.

Delete log files from MacMaster

MacMaster by FonePaw is an application that can help you clear various types of data for macOS. It deletes not only user logs on Mac, but also system logs. Log files of system applications, such as Mai, are stored in system logs.

Free Download

Step 1Get MacMaster on your Mac.

Step 2Run the utility.

Step 3Click System Junk and Scan.

Clean System Junk

Step 4In the scanned result, you will see User Logs and System Logs as well as how much space they are taking up.

Step 5Click User Logs. Tick the log files you want to delete, click Clean.

Clean User Logs

Step 6Select System Logs. Tick the system logs you want to clear, click Clean.

Clean System Logs

MacMaster can also be used to clear caches, old & large files, similar photos, duplicate files, app data etc. on Mac. It works with Mac OS X 10.11 to macOS 10.14.