Summary: Removing duplicate files on Mac can give you lots of free space. With so many duplicate documents, photos, videos on your Mac, you need a duplicate file finder for Mac to quickly remove duplicate files.

When using Mac, you probably have some duplicate files, especially photos or documents that have two copies on your Mac. It is easy to find and delete one or two duplicate files, but what if there are more than you know on your Mac, scattering around all folders? Either for cleaning up storage or to making folders neat, deleting duplicate files is a good choice.

As we all know, too many duplicate files would take up a large amount of the storage space, which can make the Mac run slowly. And those duplicates might cause trouble when you are trying to find the files you want. Of course, you can delete the duplicate files on your own, but it surely time-consuming to browse hundreds of folders on the Mac and identify them one by one.

If you are searching for a duplicate file finder for Mac, there is one you deserve to have: FonePaw MacMaster. It is an all-rounded Mac cleaner app, especially a helpful duplicate files finder and remover for Mac users.

Why FonePaw MacMaster?

To find duplicate files and remove them from Mac, FonePaw MacMaster can help you scan all the folders on your Mac, detecting and deleting the duplicate files quickly and accurately.

It not only identifies the duplicate files by the file name but also examines the file size, file type, as well as the created date, in case the identical files with different names are missed.

In terms of deleting multi-media files, such as photos, music, and videos, FonePaw MacMaster can be called the best duplicate photo/video finder, because it allows you to preview the photos/videos before you confirm to clear them. In this way, you won't delete the valuable files by mistakes.

MacMaster Duplicate File Finder

In addition to cleaning up duplicate files, this well-design Mac app also helps you monitor the system status, and better manage the disk utilization. And you can use it to find similar photos only, clear system caches and logs, completely uninstall unwanted apps, clear app leftovers, and junk files, in order to set aside more free storage space.

What duplicate files can be removed on Mac?

Generally speaking, the most common duplicate files are multimedia files, like music, photos, and videos, because they are likely to be stored in two places, especially when copied from external devices. FonePaw MacMaster has a dedicated Similar Image Finder to delete duplicate photos.  

Email attachments will generate duplicate files easily, too. When you preview the attachments, usually pictures or text files, they are saved on the Mac once. If you download them later again, they will have two copies on the computer; thus the duplicate files come.

Other formats of documents can also be identified and cleared with FonePaw MacMaster.

How to delete duplicate files on Mac with FonePaw MacMaster?

Though equipped with various professional features, FonePaw MacMaster is still easy-operated for users. To scan and remove duplicate files, just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Get the Duplicate Files Finder Ready

1Download, install and launch the application on your Mac. FonePaw MacMaster is now compatible with macOS 10.14, 10.13, 10.12, 10.11.

Free Download

Step 2: Detect the Duplicate Files

1In the main interface, select "Duplicate Finder" at the left side-bar.

2Click on "Change Path" to choose the folder you want to browse, and click "open" to confirm.

Select Folder on MacMaster Duplicate File Finder

3Then click on "Scan" to activate the finder. The application will scan and find the duplicate files in this folder automatically. The scanning process might take a few minutes according to the folder size.

Scanning Duplicate Files on MacMaster Duplicate File Finder

Step 3: Check the Duplicate Files

1After scanning, the application will tell you "Scan Completed" along with how many duplicate files are found. They will be categorized automatically by the file type: videos, music, images, documents, and others. You can click on the "Review" button of a certain type to preview the specific files.

Scan Results on MacMaster Duplicate File Finder

2In the review window, all the scanned duplicate files of this type will be presented. Click on the magnifier icon next to the file size, you are able to view the duplicate file in its folder and open the file to preview.

Duplicate Photos on MacMaster Duplicate File Finder

3Click on "Sort By" at the top, in the pull-down menu, you can choose to change the files' order by their name, size or date.

Sort Duplicate Files by Name, Size or Date

Step 4: Clean up the Duplicate Files in one click

1Tick the duplicate files you decide to clear, and then click on "Clean" button to remove them from your Mac.

Delete Duplicate Files on Mac

With the convenient scanning and one-click cleaning feature, FonePaw MacMaster should be your best duplicate files finder. What's more, it offers a free trial right now. If you have any question or suggestion about clearing duplicate files on Mac, welcome to leave comments to let us know!