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Say Goodbye to the Large & Old Files

  • Find the large files over 100 MB
  • Locate the files with 5MB to 100 MB
  • Check the files stored older than 1 year
  • Preview the items stored over 30 days
Large and Old Files Remover

Large Files Remover: Free Up Gigabytes of Space

You may always ignore the size of files on your Macbook but for 128 GB and 256 GB version, the memory would quickly get full if you never clean it up. Therefore, MacMaster's large files remover feature is conducive to finding the items with big size after scanning the entire Mac, especially those larger than 1 GB. Moreover, the files will be categorized by "> 100 MB" and "5 MB to 100 MB".


Clean Up Old Files to Speed up Your Mac

MacMaster's old files remover makes it easy to locate and delete files that are stored for a long time on the iMac or Macbook. Some movies, TV shows or recordings have been saved for more than one year but your forgot, so it is time to find them out and do cleanup now. Those files or folders kept older than 1 year or 30 days will be listed by the top Mac cleaning software.

Speed Up

More Features About Large & Old Files Remover


Sort items by name, size, date


Compatible with many kinds of data: music, video, images, etc.

Check Files

Check the file before cleanup

Find Out Path

Find out the path saving certain items

Remove in Batch

Remove some files selectively or in batch mode

  • EnglandKelvin Lee

    Some videos were saved for a long time but I forgot where to store them. However, this app can scan them out and help me delete them in several seconds.

  • CANTommy

    The items in > one year are unwanted so I used this MacMaster which can clean up very quickly.

  • FRFannie

    I found some files stored older than one year and taken up more than 2 GB. The files are displayed repeatedly in > 100 MB and > 1 year. It is a little confusing. Anyway, I removed successfully.


Take Large & Old Files Away Right Now!

With 3 clicks, you will not see the unneeded files with large size or stored for a long time.

System Requirements

System Requirements:

macOS 10.15 / 10.14/ 10.13 / 10.12 / 10.11/ 10.10



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Latest Version

Latest Version:

V 3.0.5 (2019/2/26)