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Clean Private Browsing Data with MacMaster

Keep your browser's data private and clear the web history in one click. It is safe to remove the history, cookies and HTML local storage of Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

What Can MacMaster - Privacy Do For You?With Privacy feature, your privacy will be well protected. The web history can cleaned up
after quick scanning.
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Manage the Browsing Data from the Top 3 BrowsersMacMaster's Privacy feature allows you to manage the browsing records from the top 3 popular browsers: Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and keep the history private.
Why You Should Choose MacMaster's Privacy?Compared with manually deleting history on browsers, MacMaster would list all data together so you can preview before deleting and remove them in a few clicks without any hassles. When you find out the browsing data manually, the download history, cookies and visit history are separated but MacMaster will display at one time. Besides, you will know the size of the  browsing data and even locate their path if clearing with Privacy feature.
  • RUSJulia Taylor

    I downloaded many files on my Mac so used it to clear the download history and download files on Chrome successfully.

  • EnglandYannis Smith

    Removed all browsing data, including the cookies, search history and login history since I need to lend my Macbook to my friend. This operation can keep my personal stuff private.

  • CANGeorge Mill

    It could clean up the browser's data and free up some space so that I can download more files.


Clean up Data in Web Browsers - MacMaster

To delete the browsing history can protect your personal data on Mac. 100% Safe!

System Requirements

System Requirements:

macOS 10.15 / 10.14/ 10.13 / 10.12 / 10.11/ 10.10



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Latest Version

Latest Version:

V 3.0.5 (2019/2/26)