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Clean up Junk Created By System and Applications

  • Log files from system and apps
  • Caches generated by programs
  • Language packs of different software
System Junks
System Junk Removal: Free Up Your Mac Storage in 2 Steps
1. Click Scan to scan your Mac junks
2. Preview and Clean up the unneeded items
User LogsYour operation on Mac would be recorded every day. However, the logs are not necessary and even take up lots of storage. Delete them to free up your Mac.
System Logs The log files are created by operating system. If some logs are outdated, they are generally not used so you can get them out of your Mac as you like.
App CacheWhen you use the apps on the Mac, they will generate many related files that are useless but occupy too much space. It is possible to remove all of them or part of them.
System CacheSystem Cache allows you to access some apps and services quickly. Actually, the cache can be deleted, which will not influence using the Mac.
LocalizationSome applications contain different language packs but you may only use one of them. Thus, the other localizations are okay to be cleaned up.
System Junk Module: Get More Free Space on MacYou may not know the most of the system junk files and even it is the first time to hear about the system log, users log, etc. In fact, they are not often used or never used. Those can be called Junks. There are gigabytes of clutter on iMac or Macbook so deleting them with MacMaster will keep your Mac always in a clean status and save more free space.
  • USANancy Davies

    My Macbook Pro informed me that the storage is getting full so I download MacMaster to clean up the junks files, especially the caches and localization which are unnecessary.

  • CANJason Clinton

    It cleaned up my Mac and removed 4 GB unneeded items out of my Mac. Thus the computer runs faster.

  • RUSHamiton Smith

    The system and app logs and caches take up lots of space on my Macbook Air 128GB. This MacMaster is what I need to delete the junks from time to time.


MacMaster: Junk Removal Solution

Keep Your Mac in a Clean Status with the top Mac cleaner.

System Requirements

System Requirements:

macOS 10.15 / 10.14/ 10.13 / 10.12 / 10.11/ 10.10



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Latest Version

Latest Version:

V 3.0.5 (2019/2/26)