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Clear Mail Storage & Empty Trash on Mac

  • Delete Mail caches to release Mail Storage
  • Remove old Mail attachments
  • Securely empty Trash
Trash Remover
Clear Mac Mail CacheMail app could take up gigabytes of storage space on your Mac. That’s because Apple Mail app caches every single email offline. These cached data are safe to delete and can be redownload from email servers.
Delete Mail Attachments Mail app saves photos, videos, ZIP files, PDFs, logos, etc. that comes with emails locally. These emails attachments take up most of Mail storage on the Mac, while most of them are no longer needed.
Securely Empty TrashIt could be difficult to find Trash on Mac, especially when you have two or more Trash cans on Mac. And sometimes Macs cannot empty Trash for unknown reasons. That’s when MacMaster’s Trash comes in.
Clean Mac Trash in One Click
Step 1. Scan Trash on Mac.
Step 2. Click Clean to get rid of tons of Trash on Mac.
  • CANJacob Sanders

    My Mail took up 24.3 gigabytes of storage space on my Mac. It was shocking! Thanks to FonePaw MacMaster, I now takes back tens of gigabyptes of free space from Mail app.

  • USANicole Bennett

    I never thought Mail attachments could be a space hogger until I used MacMaster. It helps me quickly find and delete the Mail files I don’t need.

  • EnglandReyansh Anand

    I cannot empty Trash on my Mac. I tried restart, Terminal, and all other tips I could found online, but none of them worked. Then I tried MacMaster. It did the trick. Good work.


MacMaster: Clean Trash on Mac

Reclaim Disk Space by Cleaning Trash with MacMaster

System Requirements

System Requirements:

macOS 10.15 / 10.14/ 10.13 / 10.12 / 10.11/ 10.10



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Latest Version

Latest Version:

V 3.0.5 (2019/2/26)