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Uninstaller: Delete Mac Apps Completely. No Leftovers!

The ultimate program to remove Mac applications and the associated files, which is cleaner than dragging the apps to the Trash. Only in 3 steps, your Mac will get back to the new status.

Uninstall Mac Apps

Why Mac App Uninstaller Module is Better?

Do you usually drag the unwanted apps to the trash directly to delete the software? This method cannot work as the trace files and leftovers are still on your Mac, such as caches, preferences, logs, etc. Those files occupy some space but MacMaster can remove them completely.

Uninstaller Module

How to Remove Application from Mac in A Fast Way?


Launch MacMaster and move to Uninstaller feature.


Scan the apps and select unneeded applications.


Delete applications and trace files from your Mac.

A Top Uninstaller for Mac

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

100% Safe

100% Safe

Free Try

Free Try


Preview Before Uninstalling

All Apps Supported

All Apps Supported

  • USADaniel Hawk

    Uninstalled some unnecessary apps from my Macbook but to remove the caches, you should go to the system junk module to clean up.

  • EnglandMathew Dickson

    Firstly I drag an app to the Trash but I saw some caches and files still on the computer. Thus I found this MacMaster to uninstall it completely. It works.

  • USASusan Brady

    It helped me remove dropbox, spotify and more software. All related files about these apps are removed.


The Best Mac App Uninstaller in 2018

Securely uninstall applications and remove leftovers of apps without hassles.

System Requirements

System Requirements:

macOS 10.15 / 10.14/ 10.13 / 10.12 / 10.11/ 10.10



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Latest Version

Latest Version:

V 3.0.5 (2019/2/26)