Summary: There are 3 methods to fully uninstall Anaconda from Mac. Remove the Anaconda launcher, package files, and other related data.

Anaconda is a free and open-source distribution of the programming languages Python and R. As a great platform that includes several packages related to science and data-oriented programming, it is designed for simplifying the installation of a Python working environment. It provides plenty of pre-installed tools and libraries (for example, Numpy, Pandas, Jupyter Notebook and Matplotlib). Thus with Anaconda, you don't need to install each package manually every time.

But if you do not need Anaconda, it can be a great burden on your disk space. you can just uninstall Anaconda and its packages to save your hard disk space. Here are methods of completely uninstalling Anaconda from Mac.

1. Uninstall Anaconda with FonePaw MacMaster

FonePaw MacMaster is a program that can help remove unwanted apps from your Mac. It can not only remove Anaconda, the app itself but also can scan out related package service files to completely uninstall Anaconda from your Mac. With one simple click, you can get rid of the entire Anaconda install directory. To uninstall Anaconda on Mac with MacMaster:

App Uninstaller

Step 1 Download MacMaster Uninstaller by clicking the button below.

Free Download

Step 2 Launch MacMaster and click Uninstaller on the left sidebar to automatically scan apps on your Mac.

Step 3 Tick Anaconda and its package files on the right panel. Then click Clean to completely uninstall the app in one click.

Uninstall Anaconda on Mac

2. Manually Remove Anaconda from Mac

You can also try removing Anaconda and its related package files from your Mac manually, although the process is a little bit more complicated.

Step 1 Quit the Anaconda app. Make sure no Anaconda processes are running in the background by checking the Memory tab of Activity Monitor.

Step 2 Open the Applications folder, right-click on the Anaconda app and select Move to Trash. This will delete the app Anaconda on your Mac.

Step 3 Next pinpoint the Anaconda related package files on the Library folder of your Mac and completely remove them.

Open Finder, click Go > Go to Folder and enter ~/Library/Receipts/ to open the Receipts folder. Move all the .continuum files to the trash.

Remove Anaconda Folder on Mac

Then go the following folder by Go to Folder in Finder and clean them one by one.

  • ~/anaconda3

  • ~/.bash_profile-anaconda3.bak

  • ~/.condarc

  • ~/.conda

  • ~/.anaconda

Step 4 Empty the Trash folder to remove Anaconda completely.

3. Delete Anaconda with Terminal

If you want to fully remove Anaconda and all its files and directories, you can also resort to Terminal on your Mac.

Step 1 Launch Terminal (You can use Anaconda Prompt as well).

Step 2 Check the name of your Anaconda install folder. The folder can be named as ~/anaconda2, ~anaconda3, or ~/opt.

Step 3 Enter a command line: rm -rf Anaconda folder name and hit Enter to uninstall Anaconda completely from your Mac.

Uninstall Anaconda with Terminal

For example, on my Mac, the folder is named as Opt. So I need to enter rm -rf ~/opt to uninstall the app.

You can also enter the command line such as rm -rf ~/anaconda3 or rm -rf ~/anaconda2. Just change the directory name accordingly.

But the rm -rf command doesn't fully remove Anaconda and its data from your Mac, to completely remove the app, you need to perform cleanup with Anaconda-Clean beforehand.

First, install the Anaconda-Clean package by entering "conda install anaconda-clean" into Terminal.

Then, remove all Anaconda-related files by entering "anaconda-clean --yes".

After that, use the "rm -rf ~/anaconda3""rm -rf ~/anaconda2" command to remove the  directory.

After that, Anaconda will be removed from your Mac completely.

The above 3 solutions should be useful for Mac users to remove Anaconda from their Mac devices. If you find it helpful, you are welcomed to share it via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc.